Isuzu Brake Shoe Set 1k00-33-310

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Isuzu Brake Shoe Set 1k00-33-310Isuzu Brake Shoe Set 1k00-33-310

Location:Front Axle, Rear Axle

Diameter:320 mm

Width:100 mm

Isuzu Brake Shoe Set 1k00-33-310

Product Title: ISUZU Brake Shoe Set 1K00-33-310

Enhance the performance and safety of your vehicle with the top-notch ISUZU Brake Shoe Set 1K00-33-310. Crafted with precision and designed for durability, this brake shoe set ensures reliable stopping power, making it an essential component for your braking system.

Key Features:

High-Quality Material: Manufactured with premium materials for long-lasting performance.

Optimal Braking: Engineered to provide optimal braking efficiency and responsiveness.

Perfect Fit: Designed to fit ISUZU vehicles seamlessly, ensuring easy installation.

Durable Construction: Resistant to wear and tear, extending the lifespan of your braking system.

Upgrade your vehicle’s safety and reliability with the ISUZU Brake Shoe Set 1K00-33-310. Trust in the quality and performance that comes with the ISUZU brand.

Order yours today and experience the difference in your driving experience. Keep your vehicle running smoothly and safely on the road.



ISUZU ELF   3100 NKR69  F DRUM  1999.04-2001.02

ISUZU ELF   4300 NPR66  4T,HIGH UP,W TIRE    1990.08-1993.06

ISUZU ELF   4300 NPR66  3.5T    1993.07-1999.04

ISUZU ELF   4300 NPR66  4T  1993.07-1999.04

ISUZU ELF   4300 NPR66  100 WIDE,BOTTLE CAR   1993.07-1999.04

ISUZU ELF   4300 NKR66  F DRUM    1999.04-

ISUZU ELF   4400 NPS66  3.5T    1993.07-1995.03

ISUZU ELF   4600 NPS71 1995.05-1997.03

ISUZU ELF   4600 NKR71 1999.04-


Factory Number Number

CENTRIC 110.069** 110069**

CENTRIC 112.069** 112069**

FBK FN-44** FN44**

FMSI 1482-S6** 1482S6**

FMSI S69* S69*

FMSI S699-14** S69914**

MK K445* K445*


OE 1K00-33-3** 1K00333**

Factory Number Number

OE 41060-8*TB* 410608*TB*

OE 41060-8*TB* 410608*TB*

OE 44060-8*TA* 440608*TA*

OE 5-87100-1** 5871001**

OE 5-87100-1** 5871001**

OE 5-87100-4** 5871004**

OE 8-97063-3** 8970633**

OE 8-97094-5** 8970945**

OE 8-97201-0** 8972010**


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